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What’s Cooking? “Modern Sauces”

How do you turn your weekly chicken into something special?  Sauce!

In Martha’ Homberg’s cookbook Modern Sauces she teaches you how to convert any basic meal into something special by accompanying it with a beautiful and easy to prepare sauce.

Homberg starts by laying out all of the sauce basics.  She explains how long sauces will keep, how much is a portion and how to choose good ingredients.  With the basics out of the way you can now dive into the magic of making sauce.

Each section of the book describes a type of sauce, varieties on the type and a selection of recipes to try out your new sauce.

From light sauces like vinaigrette and tomato sauces, to dairy based sauces like cream sauces and butter sauces, to sweet sauces like custard, caramel and chocolate sauces there is a sauce for everything.

Listed as one of the top 10 books of 2012 Modern Sauces will bring a whole new dimension to your cooking.

P.S.  If someone makes the “Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce” please bring me some!

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What’s Cooking? “The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook”

This is my favorite wedding shower gift to give.  It is funny, sometimes shocking and definitely a conversation starter.  However, don’t let the name fool you because this is a GREAT cookbook!  I picked this cookbook up a few years ago to give a friend for a wedding shower gift and ended up getting a copy for myself too.  I have cooked a Valentine’s Day menu for my sweetie from this book as well as a casual nights dinner.  The photography is beautiful and the recipes are, for the most part, easy. 

The concept is that each chapter features an ingredient that has been known as an aphrodisiac.  There is a chapter on chocolate, strawberries, honey, oysters, flowers, figs, avocado and more.  Within the chapter is a beautiful picture of the ingredient highlighted on the human body like an asparagus skirt or a bath of black beans with a gorgeous pregnant belly popping out.  Each recipe has a short story of what makes that recipe or the ingredient sexy.  Even if the recipient does not cook this makes a beautiful coffee table book.

This was my Valentine’s Day menu:

Starter:  Oysters on the half shell with 3 preparations:  curried with chardonnay, Parmesan cheese and blue cheese

Main:  Grilled Scallops with basil and lavender essence over a simple salad

Dessert:  Chocolate fig bundles

This is my favorite meal of all time:  Sun-dried tomato and avocado fettuccine.  This has pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, walnuts, cilantro, avocado, bacon and a few other things all mixed in.  I could sit and eat the whole thing by myself!  Bacon and avocado - you cannot go wrong!  It is super simple to prepare too.

Stop by the Bookshop and check it out.  You will fall in love. 

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