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What’s Happening in the Bookshop - I Spy!

Scholastic’s I SPY brand is celebrating 20 years! 

“For twenty years, I SPY has engaged, educated and entertained children and families around the world with its uniquely brilliant approach to seek-and-find,” said Deborah Forte, President of Scholastic Media and Executive Vice President of Scholastic Inc. “The brand is as vibrant and relevant as ever, as kids experience I SPY products on all of the platforms that they love.”

“The I SPY books will always be a staple in children’s language and learning development because they help children look at words more carefully, use language more vividly and think more creatively,” says Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President of Scholastic Education and Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic Inc.

To help celebrate we have created our own I SPY case in the bookshop (just below the Indie Bestsellers) and Ryann has written a poem for the items to be found.  Stop by with your kids and see if you can spy all of hidden treasures.

I spy marbles orange, yellow & blue,

Three jolly snowmen and a train – choo choo!

Candy canes, candy canes, one, two, three,

Can you spy the broken one, where can it be?

Two drums to spot:  one big and one small,

Then it’s on to gingerbread men – 7 in all!

One giant snowman looking at me,

Blue, pink, green, Spy the balls W, S, B!

A bird, two dradles, four polar bears, too –

Spot the penguin looking down – not at you!

Three wise men, two stars, and angel a glow

I spy a blank skunk all covered with snow!

Pine cones, holly – having a ball,

Can you spy baby Jesus – ever so small?

Snowflakes, snowflakes, all over the place,

Red stockings, green trees, spy a Santa face!

Last but not least – our friends from the hundred acre wood,

All four names – do you know them?  Your should!

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Kids Corner - “Dragons Love Tacos”

Being a lover of tacos I was immediately drawn to a new book on our bookshelf,Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. 

What’s not to love about tacos?  They are crunchy, you make them on the fly, you eat them with your hands, tacos are delicious!  So why shouldn’t dragons love them too?  They do!  They love them so much that is all they think about.  Dragons also love parties, their favorite kind being taco parties of course.

There is just one catch, they hate spicy salsa.  If you want to find out why you will have to read the book (I’m not going to spoil it for you).

Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri, the team behind the equally hilarious Those Darn Squirrels!, bring their kooky appreciation to this adorable story about what can go wrong at a taco party for dragons. Salmieri’s pencil-and-watercolor drawings are not only a zany delight, they’re also strangely beautiful. The dragons may screw up the taco party, but they make everything right in the end.

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